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Today we are going to know the best job interview questions, behavioural interview questions and also the best answers to them. We are going to know what the best way for the interview preparation is. You will learn how to interview and top questions for an interview directly from employers.

You know that the best job interview tips can only come from those who actually interview us for a job we applied.

Typical interview questions are not usually as valuable as good interview questions but you will see the best of them in this video directly from employers.

A sample interview question at job interview is “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” If you’re looking for the interview prep you need to improve your interview skills. You should know why they ask this question and what are the best interview answers that they want to hear. If this is the case then watch this next video to hear directly from someone who actually asks this type of questions from you when you are looking for a job.

They want to know what your vision is, what kind of control do you have around your career and have you though it out? Are you looking for a job or for a career? They want to know that you have thought this out, you have got a vision, you have some goals, you know exactly where you are going and that there is a fit. As opposed to you just taking a job, because a lot of times people just take a job. The reason they ask you that is to know that there is a sense of commitment to the organization and that they can rely on you. Recruiting is very expensive for organizations and the last thing they want is to go through that again, and again. So they want to make sure that you are somebody who is going to be there for the long haul, and your answer should reflect that.

What is your 5 year vision for your career? Make sure you let your future boss know that you are looking for a long term career and not just a job.

Have you heard of Behavioural Interview Questions?

We asked a recruitment supervisor to explain it to us. He makes it super easy to understand so you will know what they ask, why they ask it and how you should answer.
We are big fans of behavioral descriptive interviewing process, which is where we ask you examples of your background. For example, if we want you to work as part of a team we will ask you about a time where you have worked as part of a team and the conflicts that came from it and how you worked through that and what your role was in that team. So it’s your chance to give examples of how you worked as a team and what your role was. A very common question we ask is that we are very customer focused so we always ask for examples of when you had to deal with a difficult customer and we want a true story of how you worked with them and how they went away happy. We ask that question all the time.

Do you want to hear another example of what employers ask in the interview?

One question I ask is: “what brought you here? What brought you to this point?” It’s a very open ended question and the reason I ask it is to encourage the individual to identify for me what their priority information is. I don’t want to know about “what it was like I was born, or I remember my first…” but there is a little bit of the journey that I want to know about. And then I want to specifically know how they drill into the relevancy of their background and this job. So I characterize is as “what brought you here?”


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  1. A question employers as recent college graduates is: "Looking back at your time in college, what would you say is your best/greatest accomplishment." They ask this question because they want to see how involved you were in your education.

  2. Since I'm just entering the IT field, I was asked if I ever worked with Active Directory, and a few other questions. I was straight forward with the recruiter and let him know the I had little experience but a quick learner. He gave me a helpful link and some great advice, and told me to call him back once I learned more on the specific area. I'll be calling him back next week. The behavioral questions are always intriguing, almost like a dance, either you're gracefully or stepping on your own toes. If you don't know something just say you don't, if you only know a little, try, but never over talk yourself or your interviewer.

  3. hey. great videos ! I just gotta second and final interview chance in P&G Costa Rica. Could you please advice me with your best tips? is for an administrative position. thanks!

  4. Your headline is very misleading… there were no interview answers just tips.. please next Thursday me stop misleading people for views.. thank you

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  6. Why do I have to say those things in an interview?? In my opinion just be what you are and say what you have .. Because if you say all those staff in the video you would look like a robot saying what they have been told and life will be very stress and complicated.
    Just go for your interview and in an open air conversation come up with what you know and can do..

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