Top 10 Job Interview Questions & Answers (for 1st & 2nd Interviews)


This top 10 job interview questions and answers video will show you how to be prepared for your next job interview. When you know how to answer these interview questions and answers, you will be more prepared than everyone else who is interviewing for this job.

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No matter what kind of job interview you have coming up, it’s likely they will ask you several of these questions, if not all of them. So I want to share with you my best tips for answering these top 10 interview questions.

These are the 10 most common questions a hiring manager, recruiter, or interviewer will most likely ask you on a first, second, or even third job interview. To make answering these top 10 questions easy for you, I’m going to break down each question in to all the Do’s and Don’ts so it will be blatantly obvious how to answer them, and as equally important, how NOT to answer them.
Since these are the most popular interview questions, you’ve probably seen or heard of them before, and you may think you know how to answer them.

These questions have been around for a long time and interviewers have been asking them since people started interviewing for jobs. Even though they are old questions, one thing has changed: The best way to answer them for the current times. Back in the 80’s and 90’s, your answer to any of these top 10 questions would have been different than the way you would answer it today in 20xx. And I’m going to show you how to answer these questions for current times.

No doubt, there are many other questions you will be asked on your interview, but these are the root questions. You need to know these. Once I show you how to answer these top 10 questions, I’ll show you where you can a complete list of other common interview questions and answers with a break-down on the best way to answer each one.


26 thoughts on “Top 10 Job Interview Questions & Answers (for 1st & 2nd Interviews)

  1. For Real??? Why not bad mouth the last company you were with specially if they did you wrong or are competitors of the company you are interviewing for?? NO! I actually want to bad mouth them completely.There is no compromise anymore so they and their reputation are fair game. I got to disagree; Having a problem with your other company and speaking the ill of them out levels the reason/s you were (most likely unilaterally) fired or let go and show self respect over they doing you wrong and how they make you look. No one want a firing in their resume. Further more Management does not has a HAlo ( I mean pardon my french but f*K that shit) to the contrary it is usually the problem. But you get to pay with your job for it since they wont fire themselves (you are the weakest link). + plus Every one has the right to defend themselves!!. You here are saying become a door mat to the management class.The hell with that.. That is not advise! just merely dumb!! People should be free to show and voice their opinions in the next interview about the past job because is necessary in many levels (not always) and because they were not able to do that in the last one. People need to let it out to to put it in the past. This is also a necessary rite of passage to heal your bruised self and let go of the other job / company and begin a new and fresh.

  2. The entire system is broke.
    I just went on an interview where I was asked to elaborate on each of my answers then was turned down for rambling.
    Mind you I also mentored others on my last job.

  3. I am now absolutely horrified that I began my answer to "Tell us a bit about yourself" with "Well, I will start from the beginning. I was born in Minnesota…." and went through the decades. Damn. I have been screwing that question up for way too long.

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