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Tell me about yourself? Interview skills questions and answers tutorial.
Tell me about yourself is a the most common interview question, listen to this excellent training to help you perform better and get the job you want.
The video has been created by recruitment experts, and author on the subject of interview skills.


30 thoughts on “Tell me about yourself – The perfect answer. http://dougleschan.com/the-recruitment-guru/tell-me-about-yourself/job-interview-questions-and-answers-part-3-tell-me-about-yourself/

  1. Can someone judge my answer? Thank you in advance
    I was in my high school marching band for two years. Our program taught me dedication, the importance of being punctual, and "to provide for the family". I've also learned to take care of others as well as myself. I developed quick decision-making and memorization skills, in addition, I have never missed anything from rehearsals to competitions. One of my biggest achievements is successfully marching in one of America's biggest parades in Washington D.C.. I have volunteered multiple times through the band as well as helping the Interact Club. Even though I am no longer in the program due to an injury to my dominant hand, I have managed to overcome that hurdle by becoming ambidextrous. I intend to further my path using all of these experiences and applying them to this job

  2. This is a poor presentation. Why? Poor and Good answer is about COMPLETELY different people. The answer is good because there's GOOD things to say. I get the structure, that's really good way to look at it. But structuring your poor answer example doesn't make the answer ANY BETTER.

  3. Hello Anthony. I don't know if you'll ever read this but I wanted to thank you for these videos. I used them to get ready for a big interview I had a week ago and although I got super nervous and I didn't say all the things I had prepared, I kept FAB, CAR and EES in my head and they helped me being successful. I got the job and it was the only interview I had to attend 🙂 thanks thanks thanks.

  4. If I have to say about my achievements in the 1st question itself, can I repeat this when they ask what is your greatest achievement? My only achievement is getting highest grades and high GPA.

  5. Got interview tomorrow, I wonder whether these questions will apply since I was informed that it will be based on 'English and IQ' test. Can someone who has been there before advice please..

  6. This helped me alot! Although this is the most basic and most asked question, I think some people still struggle to answer effectively and on point with what the interviewer wants to know. Thank you for the advice! Cheers!

  7. Very helpful instruction with framework for a successful answer and how to fill in that framework for you to highlight your skills and strengths that make you the right person for the job. Cheers Antony

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