Dealing with Emotions, Part 3 – More on Taking Care of Yourself


I previously talked about maintaining emotional balance during your job search (Dealing with Emotions, Part 2). I think it is also important to take it easy on yourself with respect to how you are reacting. Every person is different. Just do what you need.

  1. I have found that it is harder for me to concentrate on other things. I read a lot. I can still read short pieces on the web. However, I have found it very hard to get into new books unless they are part of a series I’ve been reading. It’s as if I’m spending so much mental energy on the job search that I can’t spend any on reading a new novel and learning who all these people are and what their world is. They just don’t grab me because I can’t find the mental energy to spend on it. So I go with the flow. I’ve reread books or read new ones in series I have been reading. I find the same with TV. I watch many more shows and movies I’ve seen before. That works for me and keeps me sane. It is not wrong. I don’t want to be that way for the rest of my life. But while I am job hunting, it is okay.
  2. Falling asleep is harder for me now. If I think about anything related to job hunting, my mind races and I won’t fall asleep. So I work on thinking about other stuff, or I’m a zombie.
  3. You are under a lot of mental stress. More than ever you need to find something you can do that you can really get into and just do. Try things until you find something that helps you maintain your equilibrium. I have done a huge number of KenKen puzzles. For you it could be gardening, woodworking, meditating, working out really hard, or playing video games. Even after going to support groups and doing stuff with friends, you may need a release. Find it. And don’t feel guilty if at another time you might view it as a waste of time. It isn’t, at least not at this point in your life.


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